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Before registration, please read below the general conditions.
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The association "Festivalito Mon Amour" proposes to its members a trip to Kalamitsi Thalatta Village Camp from the 11th to the 17th of July 2017. This trip is organised in order to reinforce the relations between the association members and to discover a new culture while enjoying a common passion for tango. To participate in this trip proposed by our association you will need to become a member. It is possible to become a member by simply stating your request and accepting the association conditions, as well as the general trip conditions published below.

The association informs its members of all the formalities necessary to be able to participate in the trip to Crete. The members are responsible for carrying out these formalities. For the French and/or foreign citizens all the formalities required in order to enter the country of destination (such as health and police requirements) fall under the full responsibility of the members and for the minors under the responsibility of their legal caretakers. No refund is possible if the member does not show up at the time and place indicated in the communicated trip information, or if s/he is not able to present the necessary health or identity papers to the local authorities.

Each member's participation is confirmed only after the member has signed the registration document and payed a minimum deposit of 30% of the total trip fee. The remaining amount has to be payed latest 30 days before the starting date of the trip (or before the 31th of May 2017). For each registration made later than two months before the start of the trip, the deposit equals the total amount due for the trip.

Starting from the moment that a deposit is paid, the participation is confirmed and therefore final. Starting from the date on which the rest of the due fee has to be paid, and in case the member does not pay the rest fee of the trip, this member's participation will be considered as cancelled by the member. In this case the deposit will not be returned. Not showing up on the starting day of the trip implies a penalty equal to 100% of the trip price. Any interruption of the trip by the member or non-participation in some of the proposed activities does not entitle the member to receive a refund, except in cases of force majeure properly justified.

In case of a cancellation of the trip by the association, the association will refund the totality of the deposit and/or package to the member.

Your travel from the city of your residence to the airport of Heraklion is not paid by the association.
The member is expected to book and pay his or her travel as s/he sees fit. There will be one bus transfers from the airport of Thessaloniki to Thalatta Village Camp on the 11th of July 2017 late in the afternoon (time to be confirmed after receiving the arrival time of all participants). For the return trip one bus will transfer the participants from Thalatta Village Camp to the airport of Thessaloniki on the 17st of July 2017 (really early in the morning in order to catch morning flights).

The association is responsible for the correct execution of the trip, but is excluded of the responsibility for unforeseen circomstances, cases of force majeure and third party actions. The member cannot, unless agreed upon by the association, change the trip's program. In case a member chooses to modify the trip program for him- or herself without prior agreement with the association, this modification remains fully at his or her own expense and does not entitle this member to receive any refunds for the activities in which s/he does not participate because of the trip modifications. The member cannot claim any refund if the trip is cancelled due to cases of force majeure or reasons representing risks for the trip participants' safety.

In order to extend the trip a member should proceed to arrange this him- or herself with the hotel in question, as well as pay all the necessary fees, including changing the flight booking. The association takes no responsibility for any trip extensions envisioned by the members.

The time schedule and itineraries indicated on this website, as well as the programmed excursions, are subject to modification or even cancellation if the travelers' safety cannot be guaranteed. In this case the association will propose alternative activities to the participants of the trip.

For member's safety, all the insurances necessary for his or her travel to the meeting place, as well as flight cancellation and luggage insurance, should be arranged by each member individually prior to his or her departure, with the insurance company of his/her choice.